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Lily’s Testimony

Why does my family love Effort? Effort is an amazing school, full of amazing people. We love seeing the smiles on all the teacher’s faces when we walk in each morning. We love Effort because you get to see all your friends, the work is fun, and we most often get along with everyone in the school! Effort is full of wonderful people and minds, as we strive to fulfill our relationships with God. Lily, Seventh Grade

Brian’s Testimony

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Wesley’s Testimony

I love Effort because it allows me to learn in a safe & fun environment. Because of its small classes and good teachers, I can have 1-on-1 time if I need it, and get help on anything. I chose Effort after trying out a couple of different schools. I would recommend Effort to anybody looking for an excellent Christian private school. Not only is the Bible taught on a daily basis, but it is also incorporated into most lessons. Effort…